Technical Communication

We are supporting our customers’ products and service information, and their added values via technologies that are embodied by the users’ perspectives on an ongoing basis.

We organize and visualize information via in-depth research and comprehension

  • We carefully research products and services which include complicated specifications, and provide the know-how and results to organize and express the information obtained thereof from on-site perspectives.
  • We thoroughly comprehend the structures of highly specialized products and services, and provide the know-how to visualize the results so that they can be continuously maintained.

We provide technical support from on-site perspectives that visualizes the customers’ thoughts

  • We provide technical support in order to deliver the customers’ thoughts and added values that they would like to convey in conjunction with their products and services to users via optimal media and expressions.
  • We analyze the users’ characteristics and inclinations, and provide technical support that carries out improvement proposals and embodying based upon appropriate foundations.

We accurately express information for the information to be known, and for the information to be conveyed

  • We provide the technologies which express the information that is being used in highly specialized technical fields such as industrial devices and medical devices, etc. from the users’ perspectives.
  • We provide multilingual localizing in accordance with the requirements of the countries and regions.
  • We provide product safety certification support in order to comply with the requirements of the various standards, and laws and regulations.