Technical Consulting

Workflow Improvement

  • Workflow improvement proposals which are based upon production practice know-how
  • Workflow and process improvement proposals which are based upon information production practice know-how
  • Designing and Consulting for the contents data including documents

Creation guidelines and evaluation criterion based on an information architecture

  • Writing of all kinds, and overhauls of production guidelines
  • Business workflow and standardization guideline proposals that are premised and applied to not only intra-business but extra-business as well
  • Compatibility support for international standards (IEC, EN, etc.) and Chinese national standards (GB)
  • The creation of various kinds of guidelines that are set against a wealth of performance results

Improvement Documents

  • To improve documents by making full use of the latest technologies in technical communications
  • To reduce the amounts of text based upon risk analysis
  • To reduce the amounts of text via visual formats
  • Speedy translation services (41 nations)