Message from President

Person-to-Person, Person-to-AI, and Person-to-Robot.

We support diverse communications via our proprietary technologies.

The things which have been a matter of course are being lost, and the things that were the sources of added values are the new normal which has turned into a source of risks. This necessitates communications and digital transformations.
ISE is working on creating and researching its proprietary technologies which are useful in the communications that are being pressed to transform. ISE utilizes its strengths of being one of the few engineering companies whose communications methodologies are up to the levels whereas those strengths are being provided as specialized services, and it is building upon its track record of systems development that has been accumulated since the dawn of ICT, to provide solutions which combine cutting-edge technologies and our proprietary technologies such as AI and robotics.
When it comes to our clients, and in our societal contributions, ISE has always endeavored to provide services from the perspective of “What is it that is optimal.” As an engineering company which actualizes the resolving of issues that are brought about by the new normal by supporting the driving forward of digital transformations in the various fields of operations such as manufacturing, instrumentation, logistics, operations, medical care, and nursing care, from here onwards, we shall continue to walk with our clients, and partners.

Satoshi Kuroda
Representative Director, President


2019 In April, Appointed Adjunct Lecturer of the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University
2019 Became a member of the Japanese Association of Health Communication
2018 In June, assumed the post of Auditor of the Japan Translation Federation (JTF) (Stepped down upon the completion of a 2-year term.)
2018 Became a member of the Japan Association for Clinical Knowledge
2018 Assumed the post of Guest Associate Professor of Center for the Study of Co* Design, Osaka University.
2015 Awarded an excellent foreign advisor's certificate from the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China
2013 In March, assumed the post of Representative Director, President of Electrosuisse Japan Co., Ltd. (Kobe City).
2011 In May, assumed the position of the Office of Adviser to the China TC Technical Committee.
2011 In March, President Kuroda of ISE and Dr. Konstantin Anagnostopoulos established ISE Europe GmbH corporation.
2011 Assumed the post of Representative Director, President of Information System Engineering Inc.
2009 Assumed the positions of Councilor of the Japan Technical Communication Association, and the Chairman of the Public-Interest Planning Session.
2007 Received a commendation from the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee of the People's Republic of China
2004 Assumed the post of Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer in addition to being the Chief Technical Officer of Information System Engineering Inc.
2003 Assumed the post of Representative Managing Director in addition to being the Chief Technical Officer of Information System Engineering Inc.
2001 Have worked on consulting for website planning, data standardization, and document preparation environments.
2000 Authored 200 Cardinal Rules for Convincing Documents and Expressions. Subsequently, have been engaged as one of the planners and writers of the 200 Cardinal Rules series.
1999 Formed the PDF Conference Executive Committee. Subsequently, have been involved in establishing and disseminating PDF workflows in Japan.
1992 Was involved in the founding of the Japan Technical Communication Association.
1991 Participated in the convening of the 3rd Technical Communication symposium. Subsequently, have been participating in the TC symposiums every year as the chairman.
1988 In charge of structuring the creation of documents and digital document data standardization.
1987 Entered Information System Engineering Inc.
1986 Graduated from Business School of Chuo University.