July, 2018 Became a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
January, 2018 Became a member of the iiRDS(Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard)
October, 2014 License for General Worker Dispatching Undertakings acquired(number:13-305702)
March, 2013 Made business alliance with Electrosuisse Japan Co., Ltd. (Kobe City).
December, 2012 Became a member of the DITA Consortium Japan.
February, 2012 Information System Engineering (Beijing), Inc. Qingdao Branch was founded.
March, 2011 Operations and production systems were expanded to and commenced at the ISE Osaka site.
March, 2011 Made business alliance with ISE Europe GmbH.
May, 2010 Became a member of tekom(Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V.: Germany TC Committee).
September, 2005 Information System Engineering (Beijing), Inc. Shanghai Branch was founded.
December, 2004 Satoshi Kuroda appointed Representative Director.
October, 2003 Information System Engineering (Beijing), Inc. was founded.
October, 2003 Established an information security management system (ISMS).
February, 2003 Established an environmental management system (EMS).
October, 2001 Received ISO9001 certification.
August, 2001 Established a quality management system (QMS).
January, 2001 Relocated the headquarters to its current location.
January, 1992 Became a member of the Technical Communicators Association (Japan Technical Communicators Association).
September, 1991 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
April, 1989 Increased capital to 50 million yen.
October, 1986 Notification of Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking
June, 1986 Increased capital to 40 million yen.
April, 1985 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
September, 1982 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
April, 1980 Relocated the headquarters to Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
October 1, 1979 Information System Engineering Inc. was founded in Higashi-Nakano in Nakano-ku.
(Capital 5 million yen, Representative Director, President Isao Kuroda)