ISE Management System


ISE management systems configuration diagram


Quality Management Policy

Basic Policy

ISE is always pursing the technology and quality that can address the needs of clients, and we unerringly provide this.

ISO9001:2015 certification acquired

Target standards: ISO9001:2015
Accreditation organization: UKAS
Period of validity: From October 22, 2019 until October 22, 2022
Initial registration date: October 22, 2001
Registration number: JP16/062835
Target ranges: The designing and producing of digital contents based upon the requests of clients
The designing and developing of information systems based upon the requests of clients

Information Security Management System

Basic Policy

ISE is formulating information security policies which can deal with changes in society, and observing them. In addition, ISE is appropriately using, and steadfastly safeguarding our clients’ and ISE’s information assets.


Information Security Course of Action

  • ISE intends to improve our consciousness of the significance of information security in regard to our employees and business partners.
  • ISE sets ISMS objectives. And, ISE intends to steadily actualize those objectives.
  • ISE shall observe the management objectives and management policies that are selected via the “ISMS Statement of Applicability”.

Environmental Management System


ISE has formulated environmental management systems which place emphasis on positive environmental aspects, and we continually improve them.

Environmental Activities Philosophy

Environmental protection activities
ISE observes environmental-related laws and the requirements upon which we have reached a consensus. We promote energy conservation, sorting of waste, and recycling.
Activities which place emphasis on positive environmental aspects
ISE intends to provide products and services that take the environment into consideration. We proactively work on green purchasing. We conduct educational activities in regards to the environment for our employees and the persons who are involved with ISE.